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First and foremost: The Glider Adventures is not liable for any sales stemming from communications on our boards - it is both the seller and the buyer's responsibility to make sure that they have a signed contract that would hold up in a court of law. In addition, The Glider Adventures is a private message board provided by the owners of The Sugar Glider Adventure. As such, we reserve the right to refuse and/or terminate membership at any time. I. The Glider Adventures Forums were created in the hopes of avoiding what many of us have seen happen in other forums - judgement, unconstructive criticism, and/or plain old bullying. As such, we will not have that here. We can have debates and discussions without checking out on being polite and acting like we have manners. Calling someone out on their mistakes or bad choices can happen without bashing them. If the Mods or Admin find these rules to have been broken, or the post to otherwise be distasteful, the post will be edited or removed and the original poster made aware as to why. II. If a thread does not stay on topic, the posts will be moved by Mods or Admin to make sure the conversations stay on topic. III. Please avoid using excessive color or CAPS, as well as exclamation points. It conveys yelling, and, quite honestly, gives some of us a headache. IV. Keep in mind that we are not vets. We are glider owners, some for longer than others, some with more experience than others, some with better vets than others. Do not take advice from a website as gospel - ask your vet. V. If there is a word censor, don't try to bypass it. We're doing our best to keep free speech alive and well, but let's keep it relatively classy.